One of the canals in Accra ,
the capitol of Ghana
after a rainstorm

The first project on the roll right now is in Ghana in Central Africa. The film below was shot in the capital Accra after a heavy rainfall. You can see the enormous amount of waste plastics that flows into the ocean every day.

Now Accra has a lot of people who live far below the poverty line. People who go in search of some food every day. These people are often born on rubbish tips, live there and die there. This situation must change.

The project in Ghana is directly an example project where we ask the people, against payment, to collect the waste plastics and deliver them to our first Plastic2Oil factory there. We provide the collection bags to collect the waste plastics. Upon delivery, these people then immediately receive their financial compensation, which means that there is immediately “bread on the table”. The first direct aim is thus achieved: to provide these people with immediate income for their first living expenses. The direct additional effect is that these people regain hope for a better future.

The intention is to start a factory in the Netherlands. This factory will serve as an example for our first factory in Ghana. As soon as Ghana is a success and our targets are met, we will expand to other locations in the world.