Waste plastics are one of the greatest threats to the world and it ensures that the earth becomes unlivable at an ever-increasing rate. An unlivable world concerns us all, but especially our young people: the still have a full life ahead. Do they still have a life on this planet? It is therefore urgent to tackle this problem now. Anyone who wants to support us can do so by telling us.

Poverty in the world is another world-size problem: a better and fairer distribution of wealth is a good and certainly a Christian objective. As the number of rich people continues to grow, so does the number of poor people exponentially.

With our Plastic2Oil project, we sincerely wish to start a powerful movement worldwide. A movement to which rich and poor, young and old can contribute. This project means a set of tools in which every person can realise her and his personal mission. “Improve the world, start with yourself” is an important starting point in this.

From rubbish to a normal life.

We do not believe in fishing waste plastics out of the oceans. If it is fished out at some point, what is the next step? This is an important question.

Suppose concerned people (initially in Ghana) go to the beaches there to collect plastic rubbish, after a few months the beaches are plastic-free. I guarantee you that a few months later, the beaches will be full of waste plastics again. It just washes ashore.

When we pay these Ghanese people (who are at the moment unemployed) for this collected waste plastics, upon delivering at the Plastic2Oil plant in Accra, we will have more than sufficient plastic feedstock to convert into OIL (100% sulpherfree). This initiative cleans up Ghanese nature and it also helps Ghanese people to earn money.