Our reason for existence

For us, people are the most important factor in life. People are unique and have very special talents. Therefore, every person deserves equal opportunities and a dignified existence.

Our Philosophy

Years ago on a Sunday in our then home in Nieuw-Loosdrecht (Netherlands), I received an important inspiration. We were looking for a purpose and mission in our lives. We had to change course, but in what direction?

In the meantime, with the corona pandemic, you can see that all the institutions that always stood like a house are now on the verge of collapse. Governments do not know (any more) what to do. They cling to science, but even that no longer knows how to proceed.

Give Youth Their Future !

The time is past when the present system that has prevailed worldwide for centuries can be continued. It is going to end. This is an important project and the wind is in the sails. As a good friend of ours used to say, “InshAllah”, God willing. Food-for-thought.

Street child walking in the dumpsite