Plastic2Oil is a social organisation that strives to remove waste plastics from nature and to use their value (after converting plastics into oil) to fight poverty in the world. Our aim is to make as much profit as possible and to attract funds in other ways. Our goal is not our own interests but the interests of the so-called Forgotten People on this planet. The means to achieve this are to create many Plastic2Oil plants worldwide and to collect the waste plastics at these small factories. From these collected waste plastics, 100% sulphur-free oil is made. With the income from the sale of this oil, we achieve our humanitarian goal. At the same time, we also clean up the devastating and immense amount of plastic rubbish. An all-win situation.

Because the expansion would be too slow with only the realised profits (in the first years), we ask as many people as possible to donate at least 2% of their assets to this initiative. Whether you earn the minimum wage or are a billionaire, everyone who sympathises with this special project and mission is warmly invited.

As soon as we have sufficient financial means, Plastic2Oil will be established as a Private Company. Then the relevant official documents and information will also be placed on this website. Transparency is key.

Plastics opruimen en inkomsten genereren
Waste plastics destroy the world!